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The Coordinated Health Institute is a national organization that evaluates and creates online training for innovative programs that address society's most pressing health concerns related to children. Working with the public-sector, nonprofits, universities and public health institutions, CHI strives to improve the training, education and promotion of evidenced-based programs for communities across the country and the world..

CHI is also looking for innovative ways to help communities sustain their initiatives and programs.
The child health issues we address are diverse and we are committed to education that builds knowledge and skills by engaging our learners as active, problem-solving participants.

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For a limited time save on training for Play Well With Others and TAKE 10!

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Schools | After-Schools | Early Childhood | Bully Prevention | Log In | Catalog


With just 30 participants or more, the CHI Community Development Program allows schools, after-school organizations, health departments, hospitals or communities the opportunity to create their own online training network, at no additional cost than the training.  

Utilizing your content to supplement our online training courses, CHI will assist you in branding your site with school and organizational logos and content which helps create your own community online training course. In addition, your organization will have access to additional features which include community calendars, online forums for sharing information and ideas and exam and evaluation creation abilities and data collection. Your organization will have instructor access to the CHI Online Training Campus for the purpose of managing your own community site. CHI will also give you the ability to provide online learning modules through our Hosting Program and Learning Management System (LMS) giving you the flexibility of offering online courses for your staff 24/7, 365 days a year.

All content developed by your organization for online delivery through CHI will enjoy the same easy access and other key benefits available through our current online learning courses.

This customized online training campus is provided at no additional costs to qualifying communities.

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New for 2017!
For a limited time save on training for both Play Well With Others and TAKE 10. Click here for more information!

What Others Say

Great course! Loved it!

"It was a pleasure to take this course and learn about some of the ways we might engage students, teachers, parents, and schools to evaluate the "health" of our current school programs and redefine new boundaries for improvement.”

This course was easy to use and complete, I would recommend it to others.

"Great training! We love that the training can be completed by anyone, anywhere, anytime. This would be a great tool to train our student interns affiliated with outreach leading PA and Nut Ed with students for both school and after school settings." 

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New Course

Play Well With Others

Play Well With Others has been designed for schools, after-schools and communities to understand what bullying is, the legal remifications and best practices to help prevent this behavior to occur.  This online training course has been designed to meet all state bullying training requirements and standards for school staff.

The course concludes with an exam upon which if passed the participant receives a certificate of completion for their state, district and school bullying prevention compliance training.

This course covers:

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Why Train?

Planning and sound training is the first step in changing your school, after-school and community environment. Supporting evidence-based programs becomes even more important following training because that's when the real work begins. Stay focused on your goals and establishing a process for success is the key to implementing coordinated health programs in your community.

Knowing that teachers and staff have busy lives, we offer several courses on research proven programs. These individual courses which are broken into easy to understand modules are taught by knowledgeable and experienced field experts, and allow your staff to expand their knowledge concerning child health. These courses will provide the skills necessary to make a difference in the overall welfare of the child.

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